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 Photo Gallery

 Updated with photos recently added to the Webbiography
collection of best photos. 



  Richard Chamberlain

autographed his photo in appreciation for the New Year good wishes 
and kind messages many visitors sent him through this site, 
Facebook and the slideshow! 






Happy Holidays

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Richard Chamberlain

on the red carpet at AFI FEST in Hollywood

(November 7, 2015) 







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Richard Chamberlain at "The Four Musketeers" screening! 

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Richard Chamberlain, actress Sybil Danning and Michael York

 Richard Chamberlain (Aramis) and Michael York (D'Artagnan) 
attended "The Four Musketeers" screening tribute
to Sir Christopher Lee who passed away recently.

The screening took place at The Royale Laemmle, 11523 Santa Monica Blvd., 
West Los Angeles, CA 90025, 
September 29, 7 pm.

The screening was followed by a Q-and-A

Details about "The Four Musketeers" here





During the Hollywood Show (Los Angeles, August 1 -2) 
Richard Chamberlain
was interviewed by Angela Bishop for Studio 10, an Australian morning show.





 Richard Chamberlain posed for this site at   
The Hollywood Show in Los Angeles
(August 1 & 2, 2015) 

The venue:
   The Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel, 
5400 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA.  

 Richard Chamberlain signed photos and dedicated his books. 
He also posed with visitors and fans. 

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A short video clip with Richard Chamberlain
signing autographs upon leaving the theatre
in New York after a performance 
of " Sticks & Bones"




 A refreshing animated slideshow for the summer!

A mix of known and newly available photos of a young
Richard Chamberlain who, from the very early years of his career,
proved that

"Good Looks Are Not At Odds With Talent"    




The video of the press conference held by Richard Chamberlain
at the Deauville American Film Festival in 1990 has been added
to the page dedicated to his tribute.

It is unfortunately of a very poor quality and this is the reason
why it had not been added earlier. Despite this
highly imperfect video and some translation inaccuracies
it is hoped the French visitors who do not understand English
will enjoy this rare document.




At the 44th Annual Academy Awards Richard Chamberlain
and Karen Black

presented the Oscar for "Best Special Visual Effects"

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Pomona College

"Into the Woods, Forging a Career in Entertainment"

Richard Chamberlain and, among others, producer Gregory Rae
discuss making a career in entertainment in front of a fully packed

Seaver theater during Alumni Weekend.

(May 1, 2015)





"Into the Woods, Forging a Career in Entertainment"

(Alumni Weekend at Pomona College)

Richard Chamberlain participated in a panel discussion together
with other Claremont graduates working in entertainment.
Title of the discussion "Into the Woods, Forging a Career in Entertainment".

It took place May 1 at the Seaver theatre at Pomona College,
Claremont, CA, ( 300 E Bonita Ave), from 4 to 5:30 pm.

Richard Chamberlain graduated from Pomona College in 1956
with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Details and link to Campus map,



 Dr. Kildare, season 4, has been released!

The two-DVD box can be bought at Warner Archive for US residents
and at (all regions DVDs) for most international buyers. 

Season 4:
34 episodes featuring Dr. Kildare doctoring, questioning and romancing! 



Kildare Season 4 - Clip

Angie Dickinson Guests!

Posted by Dr Kildare - TV Show on Monday, May 11, 2015


A video clip of the episode "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not"
with Angie Dickinson!  





Richard Chamberlain interviewed by Muse of Fire 
 reminisces about playing Shakespeare  

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                    First Exclusive Interview                    

On September 7, 2011 Richard Chamberlain granted an exclusive interview 

to this "Richard Chamberlain Webbiography". He talked about 

his career, his singing, his artwork and his writing,

and peppered his comments with several anecdotes, 

some hitherto unpublished.   


Reactions to or comments on the interview can be posted 

on the "Richard Chamberlain Webbiography" Facebook account. 


 1. Richard Chamberlain talks about his two
recent high tech and science fiction projects
                                       'Chuck' and 'Leverage' 



2. Richard Chamberlain underlines the
importance of all kinds of 'masks' for 
 an actor: in the 'Man in the Iron Mask'
the iron mask was totally terrifying!


3. Richard Chamberlain reminisces about
'Shogun': 'Shogun' was a wonderful experience,
I was not about to screw it up despite
cultural clashes between the Japanese
and American crew.

4. Richard Chamberlain on 'The Thorn Birds':
chemistry is impossible to define.


5. Richard Chamberlain commends the series
'Brothers & Sisters' for treating gay characters
just like people.


6. Richard Chamberlain: in all my projects
I learn about myself, in comedy I learn
a little more.

7.  Richard Chamberlain about his artwork: 
sometimes my paintings have a certain meaning
like 'Celestial Ardor' that expresses total
commitment of oneself to life.
For a man
 total commitment to life
is in part phallic.


Recent Projects including appearances at premieres

Brothers & Sisters

 Never Say Never

The One That Got Away

Thanks for the Memories

Cold Turkey

  Walker Down The Aisle



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Festival screenings and theatre release


  Richard Chamberlain at the

Tribeca Film Festival

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