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Photo Gallery

 The Photo Gallery has been updated and features photos recently
made available as well as photos
from the Webbiography collection.






Friends of Youth Outreach 

Richard Chamberlain, Honorary Chairman of FOYO 
and Martin Rabbett, member of its Board of Directors, 
in full navy uniform, and Cassandra Peterson ("Elvira"),
welcome guests at the Fundraiser dinner 
on board the USS Battleship Missouri!

(Pearl Harbour, April 23, 2016)  


"Admiral" Chamberlain, co-hostess Cassandra Peterson and "Captain" Martin Rabbett.
Their generous involvement with FOYO's cause contributed to the success
of the Fundraiser Dinner. 



"Admiral" Chamberlain, Cassandra Peterson and "Captain" Rabbett! 


"Admiral" Chamberlain and Cassandra Peterson ("Elvira")
on the deck of Mighty Mo.



Friends of Youth Outreach Fundraiser dinner on the tail deck of the Battleship Missouri.



The Battleship Missouri is anchored at the heart of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.


The Friends of Youth Outreach (FOYO) is a core group of individuals 
who collaborate to help the homeless and at-risk youth on O‘ahu.

Richard Chamberlain graciously provided the voice for the FOYO 
public service announcement spots. 

To listen to them and for full details about the fundraiser click here




"Twin Peaks" director, David Lynch, has announced today
the cast list of the ABC series which will feature over 200 actors,
among them Richard Chamberlain!

The followup series will premiere in 2017.

More details here and



To mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death,

The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles and in New York 

will screen six of the classic Hallmark Hall of Fame adaptations

of Shakespeare plays, including




with Richard Chamberlain, Michael Redgrave, Margaret Leighton,
John Gielgud, Richard Johnson, Ciaran Madden, Nicholas Jones,
and Martin Shaw; directed by Peter Wood (1 hr. 45 min.).

Sunday April 24, 4:00 pm

 Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills,
465 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Paley Center for Media in New York,
25 West 52 Street, New York, NY 10019


No advance ticketing; purchase at the door.
Screenings are subject to change.
Check the Paley Center for Media site


To visit the page dedicated to "Hamlet" on this site, click here






Happy Birthday

Richard Chamberlain! 


On this special day as you celebrate your Birthday, 

here's wishing you a wonderful day and bright tomorrows!  

Life is a gift we're given each and every day.

Let's dream about tomorrow, but live for today.

To live a little, we've got to love a whole lot.


Love turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Life's a journey always worth taking.

Let's take time to smell the roses... and tulips...

and daffodils... and lilacs... and sunflowers...

Let's count blessings like children count stars.

The secret of a happy life isn't buried in a

treasure chest... it lies within our heart.

It's the little moments that make life big.


 Make memories today.

Celebrate our life! 


Here's a slideshow celebrating Richard Chamberlain's
82nd Birthday! 


A tribute to Richard Chamberlain

by Maleika Esther Attawell (video) and Svenja Weihdauer-Ihln (singer),

both familiar names on this site! 





Photo Gallery

 The Photo Gallery has been updated and features photos recently
made available as well as photos
from the Webbiography collection.




Here're four new clips from "The Sound of Music" with Laura Benanti
starring opposite Richard Chamberlain (mainly on Broadway). 

The first clip features Maria (Laura Benanti) as a postulant.

In the second clip Maria wins over the von Trapp children
by teaching them to sing.

The third clip is the famous Laendler dance scene,
first Maria teaches one of the boys to dance but
Captain von Trapp (Richard Chamberlain) soon steps in...

In the fourth clip Captain von Trapp proposes! 

For a bigger screen click the bottom right youtube icon.

To visit the page dedicated to "The Sound of Music" click 




Dr. Kildare

Season 5 


 Warner Archives has released, Dr. Kildare, season 5,
(two DVDs, region 1)! DVDs compatible with regions other than
region 1 will be available at a later stage at various stores
as has been the case with the show's previous seasons.

For region 1 orders click the Warner shop here


MGM has also posted 2 clips from Episode 12, season 5



Clip from Episode 12, part 1, season 5,

guest-starring Martin Balsam, William Shatner and
a very young Jack Nicholson!

more clips from the same episode, here

Three excerpts from Episode 1, part 1, season 5,

"Behold The Great Man"! 

Left: Verbal sparring between the eminent professor and the young resident!
Great acting moment featuring James Mason and Richard Chamberlain!
Middle:  Another memorable scene, the wife of the eminent professor (Margaret Leighton)
is coming on the young resident (Richard Chamberlain)!
Right: High drama, stellar acting! 

(For a bigger screen click on the youtube icon, bottom right)    



Richard Chamberlain

on the red carpet at AFI FEST in Hollywood

(November 7, 2015) 







 Details and link to more photos here


During the Hollywood Show (Los Angeles, August 1 -2) 
Richard Chamberlain
was interviewed by Angela Bishop for Studio 10, an Australian morning show.





 Richard Chamberlain posed for this site at   
The Hollywood Show in Los Angeles
(August 1 & 2, 2015) 

Richard Chamberlain signed photos and dedicated his books. 
He also posed with visitors and fans. 

 Check more photos here 




A short video clip with Richard Chamberlain
signing autographs upon leaving the theatre
in New York after a performance 
of " Sticks & Bones"






The video of the press conference held by Richard Chamberlain
at the Deauville American Film Festival in 1990 has been added
to the page dedicated to his tribute.

It is unfortunately of a very poor quality and this is the reason
why it had not been added earlier. Despite this
highly imperfect video and some translation inaccuracies
it is hoped the French visitors who do not understand English
will enjoy this rare document.





At the 44th Annual Academy Awards Richard Chamberlain
and Karen Black

presented the Oscar for "Best Special Visual Effects"

To watch the video clip click here





Richard Chamberlain interviewed by Muse of Fire 
 reminisces about playing Shakespeare  

to listen click here






                    First Exclusive Interview                                         

On September 7, 2011 Richard Chamberlain granted an exclusive interview 

to this "Richard Chamberlain Webbiography". He talked about 

his career, his singing, his artwork and his writing,

and peppered his comments with several anecdotes, 

some hitherto unpublished.   


Reactions to or comments on the interview can be posted 

on the "Richard Chamberlain Webbiography" Facebook account. 


 1. Richard Chamberlain talks about his two
recent high tech and science fiction projects
                                       'Chuck' and 'Leverage' 



2. Richard Chamberlain underlines the
importance of all kinds of 'masks' for 
 an actor: in the 'Man in the Iron Mask'
the iron mask was totally terrifying!


3. Richard Chamberlain reminisces about
'Shogun': 'Shogun' was a wonderful experience,
I was not about to screw it up despite
cultural clashes between the Japanese
and American crew.

4. Richard Chamberlain on 'The Thorn Birds':
chemistry is impossible to define.


5. Richard Chamberlain commends the series
'Brothers & Sisters' for treating gay characters
just like people.


6. Richard Chamberlain: in all my projects
I learn about myself, in comedy I learn
a little more.

7.  Richard Chamberlain about his artwork: 
sometimes my paintings have a certain meaning
like 'Celestial Ardor' that expresses total
commitment of oneself to life.
For a man
 total commitment to life
is in part phallic.


Recent Projects including appearances at premieres

Brothers & Sisters

 Never Say Never

The One That Got Away

Thanks for the Memories

Cold Turkey

  Walker Down The Aisle



We are the Hartmans

Screenings tour, here

more  here

 Interview and review,  here




The Last Dam Job


Three Days

For details on screenings, here


The Perfect Family

Festival screenings and theatre release


  Richard Chamberlain at the

Tribeca Film Festival

Videos, interview, photos 
and much mor
e,  here


The Heiress




The Exorcist




Sticks And Bones