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Richard Chamberlain

on stage tomorrow, October 21, in "Sticks and Bones"!

Opposite a fabulous cast, Richard Chamberlain will play
father Donald in David Rabe's play till December 14 at the
Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre in New York. 

For details, tickets and video clips of the cast speaking about the play


A short clip with Richard Chamberlain on his way to rehearsal in New York


A major update with six videos illustrating the beauty of the
Tuolumne river and its surrounding wilderness and
Richard Chamberlain's involvement in preserving the river
 and gaining for it the Wild and Scenic status. 

Richard Chamberlain, at press conferences and testifying in front of
a House Interior Subcommittee on Public Lands and National Parks.   

Richard Chamberlain comments and enjoys himself
rafting down the rapids of the Tuolumne! 

Details and more videos here



Richard Chamberlain at Casino Night to support the fundraiser
to kick off the 20th season of The New Group.  

Tribeca Skyline Studios, 205 Hudson Street, New York, Friday, October 10, 7 - 11 pm. 


Sticks and Bones

meets the press

The cast about the play!
Video filmed for  


Filmed for

more photos here 


The Photo Gallery has been updated with several Photos of the Present,
Photo of the Past and the Photo of the Month of October.



Rehearsals for "Sticks and Bones" underway in New York!   


Richard Chamberlain

returns to the New York stage for the first time in 16 years 
to star alongside Holly Hunter and Bill Pullman in The New Group's 
upcoming revival of David Rabe's "Sticks and Bones".
 Richard Chamberlain's return is causing rivers of ink to flow in 
media online. 
To read, as an example, an article in the Times-Herald click here

For photos and useful links, visit the page dedicated to "Sticks and Bones".  




Richard Chamberlain  

at the season opening gala of the Metropolitan Opera in New York
featuring Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro.


Details and photos here



Richard Chamberlain poses in Beverly Hills for this site.


Richard Chamberlain

 participated in the AIDS benefit gala and concert

"Help Is On The Way"  

and sang "Try To Remember" from "The Fantasticks".

San Francisco, the Palace of Fine Arts, 3301 Lyon Street,
August 24, 2014 at 7:30 pm

The Twentieth Anniversary Gala and Concert line-up included stars
from Broadway, film, television and the recording industry.

Photos, video and interview 



On July 22, Richard Chamberlain attended in Rockland, Maine,
the tribute screening of the film
"The Natural Thing To Do: The Music of Ann Wyeth McCoy" 
he had narrated, and paid tribute to the composer and artist. 

Details and video,




Richard Chamberlain 
attended the benefit gala performance of "A Little Night Music" 
at the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield, MA.  

Details and photos here




 Sometimes Love


After receiving a standing ovation from an enthusiastic audience,
whose feedback was welcome, the cast celebrated with
happy laughs its brilliant performance and huge success
together with composer Martin Rabbett and writer Jocelyn Fujii!

 more here




Richard Chamberlain with cast member Meghan Lynn Allen
at the Colonial theatre in Pittsfield MA. 

Richard Chamberlain will participate in the benefit reading 
of the musical 
"Sometimes Love" composed by Martin Rabbett 
and written by Jocelyn Fujii.

The cast will also feature 
Eric Van Tielen, Meghan Lynn Allen,
Erica Twiss, Rylan Morsbach, Andrew Holder,
Ken De Loreto and Katie Beck.

The reading will take place at the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield, MA, July 18 at 2 pm.

"Seven contemporary New Yorkers, most of them 
longtime friends, discover that life brings empowerment 
in surprising ways. They face the full spectrum of challenges: 
unemployment, infidelity, narcissistic lovers and alcoholic parents. 
But when the shame is confronted head-on and the smoke 
finally clears, their broken lives arrive at a fragile order, 
a simple and elegant truth. Love comes and goes, 
they discover, and the only way to make it stay is 
to adapt to its many mutations." 

“I wrote the music for ‘Sometimes Love’ over a three-year period, 
during which I was going through a painful personal experience,” 
Martin Rabbett director, composer, and writer said. “Through it all, 
I discovered that it was not just the writing of the music that 
helped me heal, but the friends who lived through that time with me. 
It was, for me, a redefining of family—the realization that in the end, 
we really can create our own family. That experience empowered me 
and ultimately saved my life.” 


Tickets include a catered boxed supper and meeting with the cast! 


More details and tickets, here




Full video of 
Richard Chamberlain's interview to the Commonwealth Club
in San Francisco, February 27, 2014.





Richard Chamberlain 
was Tippi Hedren's special guest at a sunset Shambala safari
and subsequent Dinner Q&A, June 14, 2014.

Details, video and photos,

and scroll down to "Shambala Preserve" 2011/2014

Richard Chamberlain attended Opening Night of

"The Last Confession" by Roger Crane

at the Center Theatre Group /Ahmanson Theatre 
in Los Angeles, June 11, 2014.

Only 33 days after becoming Pope, John Paul I died under
mysterious circumstances that the Vatican has refused
to investigate. This doesn’t sit well with Cardinal Giovanni Benneli
(David Suchet), who conducts his own inquiry.

“A popular drama at its best, asking tough questions about faith
and organized religion.” The Daily Telegraph





 Richard Chamberlain  



 at the 3rd Annual Jerry Herman Awards

held June 1, 2014, at the Pantages theatre in Hollywood. 

The awards celebrate the achievement and excellence 
in high school musical theatre in Los Angeles.

The Photo Gallery features a set of new photos
taken at arrivals on the red carpet , 

 To open the dedicated page,  here 








 Warner Archive has released
Dr. Kildare, the complete 3rd Season! 

Dr. Kildare finally becomes a resident in the first episode of Season 3
which also contains the two-part episode Tyger Tyger!
A first-rate season with the most creative storylines!


Dr. Kildare Season 3 (2 boxes) can be ordered
directly at Warner 
(region 1) and at (all regions). 

 It has been brought to the attention of this site that
TCM sells the recently released Dr. Kildare, season 3,
to international buyers.


TCM shop, here

Don't miss, on the Warner site, the Season 3 trailer ,
an extremely funny introduction to an outstanding season! 




Richard Chamberlain

in New York 
where he attended the rock musical

Hedwig And The Angry Inch
on Broadway

here with the leading figures Neil Patrick Harris and Lena Hall
and actors James Earl Jones and Whoopi Goldberg.  

 more photos and details, here


30th Annual S.T.A.G.E. AIDS benefit gala

(Saban Theatre, Los Angeles, May 10, 2014) 


Richard Chamberlain with dancer Taylor-Leigh Edwards. 

A special page has been created to feature video clips and
 photos of Richard Chamberlain's performance and more. 


Back in 1995! 

 Richard Chamberlain in "My Fair Lady"  in 1995.  

Richard Chamberlain 

has confirmed this site that he will sing a tune from the musical "My Fair Lady", 

"I Could Have Danced All Night"

at S.T.A.G.E., 

an AIDS benefit event, at the Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, May 10, 2014. 

"It's very happy and upbeat. We had a rehearsal...
with the musical director and decided how to present it"
said Richard Chamberlain

His profile for the S.T.A.G.E. event omits he interspersed 
a long list of important musicals with his movies and films: 
“West Side Story” and “The Fantasticks” in the late 60s and 
early 70s consecutively.  He played Professor Higgins in 
“My Fair Lady”
and Captain von Trapp in “The Sound of Music”, 
both on Broadway and on US tours, and also in Europe in 
“My Fair Lady”.  He recently performed twice as a singer 
at UnCabaret in Los Angeles. 

Details and tickets here

S.T.A.G.E. (Southland Theatre Artists Goodwill Event)
was created 30 years ago and is thus the longest running
musical theatre AIDS benefit event in the United States.
It is an all singing and all dancing event featuring the
finest Hollywood talent. It will be directed by David Galligan,
hosted by Robert Osborne and its musical director will be 
John McDaniel. This one-night only performance will focus
on film’s musical legacy.




 Richard Chamberlain interviewed on German Television  

A re-airing of a short interview by Thomas Gottschalk
on ZDF of December 1986 to promote
“Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold”.  

The interview can be watched right here or live on ZDF Kultur,
under the title Na sowas!, Tuesday May 6, at 13:25,
 and Wednesday, May 7,  at 9:00.

Watch till the very end as Richard Chamberlain is lifted 5 meters
above ground to start filling 3500 glasses of champagne
originating a cascade of bubbles.   




"Richard Chamberlain: Lessons from a Hollywood Icon" 

A full page with photos and audio excerpts of

Richard Chamberlain's talk

at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, February 27, 2014










Richard Chamberlain reminisced about "Dr. Kildare"  

in the episode "Doctors & Nurses"
aired by PBS within its program "Pioneers of Television", season 4 
(April 22, 2014)


An excerpt 

From George Clooney on ER to Richard Chamberlain on Dr. Kildare!

Due to right restrictions, the video of the episode
"Doctors & Nurses" can only be watched on line on the PBS site
in the United States, but it can be pre-ordered at the PBS shop
(United States and Canada only), (internationally),
and most probably at a later stage at amazon uk.  

To watch the episode on line, click here 

To pre-order at the PBS shop, click here

To pre-oder at, click 

Filming a scene featuring Raymond Massey as Dr. Gillespie and Richard Chamberlain as Dr. Kildare.


Richard Chamberlain learning his lines in his dressing room.

Richard Chamberlain presented his first long play in 1962! 

 28 of Richard Chamberlain's original songs have been remastered

under the title 


The CD can be ordered at 

Precisely right now Richard Chamberlain is giving some attention
to singing again, this time though from a different angle.

Listen to what he has to say about it!


For further details about Richard Chamberlain's singing career 



 Richard Chamberlain:  

Thank you

for your good birthday wishes!




Richard Chamberlain is 80 today!  

Happy Birthday!

 Spectacular dinner table from an earlier birthday party
celebrating Richard Chamberlain.

To celebrate his 80th birthday Richard Chamberlain, who looks
fabulously young and with a mind as sharp and as agile as ever,
kindly granted this site an exclusive interview - his second -
in which he talked about spirituality, about his ethos and in
which he shared personal experiences in the most receptive
and candid way.

In addition to the interview presented in three parts, 
 the special page dedicated to Richard Chamberlain’s birthday
spotlights several photos taken during the interview
and two slideshows, one featuring personal photos titled
“80 Stars”, and the other featuring photos of the actor 
in many of his roles up to now titled “Excellence”.    

To visit the Special Birthday Page click 


If you would like to send Richard Chamberlain a message for his 80th birthday, 
you are welcome to do so on the Facebook page of this site, clicking 


Richard Chamberlain's Second Exclusive Interview

"Beyond The Actor"

 The interview starts with warm wishes for a Happy Birthday expressed
on behalf of the visitors to this site and loyal admirers
of Richard Chamberlain! 

  "There is a place in our consciousness that sees innocently,
that is not conditioned." 

"When we give our full attention to someone, that's an aspect of love."


 "Detachment doesn't mean cutting oneself off,
detachment means you are fully available, not attached
to being loved, not attached to being right... you are just open!"  


 "It seemed that I had to choose between the hurly-burly
of my daily existence and some blissfully detached
realm of divine awareness."  



Richard Chamberlain will celebrate his 80th birthday 

March 31st, 2014   

In the run-up to this important day and as a tribute to 
Richard Chamberlain, the Webbiography will highlight 
every day one of his movies or television series inviting 
you to watch or re-watch it.  

The seventh is The Thorn Birds, a television mini-series.

 The same can be said about The Thorn Birds due to its length.
Watching your preferred scenes will keep you connected
to this week’s preparations for Richard Chamberlain’s
80th birthday! 

“As an actor, I have always needed to sink into a part to understand
how a character feels and to be able to think and feel as he would. 
By the time I had begun to portray Father Ralph before the
cameras, I was beginning to feel almost priestly, to sense
the compassion and the grace of this way of life.  I think
I began to understand how priests can live in the world
while not being of it, how a man like Father Ralph could
withstand a passion he had for a woman, to struggle on
his chosen path, in spite of his failures.  It made the drama
of the part so much more real to me and the portraying of 
Father Ralph such a passion.”  Richard Chamberlain

For details, pictures and articles, as well as videos, click here

If you would like to participate in a daily quiz,
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Facebook page 


The sixth is Shogun, a television mini-series

Watching today a practically nine-hour mini-series is
probably not a realistic invitation, but watching some
of your preferred scenes may be a way to engage
in the dynamics and mood leading to
Richard Chamberlain’s 80th birthday!   

“Richard Chamberlain as Blackthorne is excellent.
His performance, putting him on screen for most
of the show, actually sets the tone for the entire
production - powerful but unpretentious, actually
somewhat aesthetic.”  

“Before I even got the part I knew they wanted somebody
bigger than I generally am, so I started going to a gym for
several months before coming out for meetings with
James Clavell.  I put on a lot of weight - about 12 pounds
of muscle - and I really felt great. Unfortunately, I lost
most if it during filming, but I worked real hard
to keep up my stamina. I knew I had to be in real
good shape because it was a very physical role.”
Richard Chamberlain



For details, pictures and articles, as well as videos, click here

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The fifth is Centennial, a television mini-series

“As it turned out, playing McKeag was a joy and one of my
best performances. I loved the guy, probably because he had
all the inner qualities I lacked.  He was an anomaly on the
rough-and-tumble frontier - he was tough, strong, and
capable but also sensitive and kind. He was whole and
humane. McKeag needed celebrity like a moose needs
a hat rack.” ... "Every day of shooting Centennial I got to
actually experience being this extraordinary together
man who could negotiate life’s roughest waters while
remaining kind, warm, and loving, a man to whom
self-doubt was unknown, who had no need of accolades
or external validation of any kind. Playing McKeag
I felt the confidence and wholeness I’d always
dreamed of.” Shattered Love

For details, pictures and articles, as well as the videos with
the full version or clips with excerpts of Richard Chamberlain’s
main scenes, click

If you would like to participate in a daily quiz, 
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The fourth is The Count of Monte Cristo,
a television movie in the United States,  
a feature film in Europe


“This new version of The Count of Monte-Cristo has a strong
and impressive cast. As Dantes, Chamberlain is perfect casting.
Already a superb Aramis in The Three Musketeers
he brings to the role an elegance, fine speaking voice
and the classical good looks that are perfect for period films.
That’s unusual in American actors and a rare quality.”

For details, pictures and articles, as well as the video, click here

If you would like to participate in a daily quiz, 
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Following the chronological order and internet availability, 
he third is “F. Scott Fitzgerald and ‘The Last of the Belles’”, a television movie


“The script for “F. Scott Fitzgerald and ‘The Last of the Belles’”
intertwines his own life as it was at the time he wrote
“The Last of the Belles,” a short story that fictionalized his meeting
with his wife Zelda while he was an Army officer stationed
in the South.“
“In his early career F. Scott Fitzgerald was the first to capture
the spirit of America’s “lost generation.” In his personal life
he represented all the good and bad of the jazz age.”

For details, pictures and articles, as well as the video, click here 

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Following the chronological order and internet availability, 
the second is "The Woman I Love", a television movie. 


 “You know what I’m really proud of?  I’m proud of that final speech
because I didn’t try to imitate him – I’d only heard a flash of it on
a newsreel – but it really did get a similar flavor somehow. 
The moment I missed, I think, was when he said something
about ‘But I have found it impossible to carry out my duties
as King as I . . . I . . . I’  He read it very straight, very
unemotionally except for that one word.  It was like a scream
in the midst of monotone:  ‘I . . . I . . . I . . .’  It was incredible! 
It was in that one slip, that one chink, that he showed himself.”  
Richard Chamberlain

For details, pictures and articles, as well as the video, click here

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Following the chronological order and internet availability,
the first is "The Portrait of a Lady", a BBC television series. 


“The day after I arrived in London my agent at William Morris
said the BBC was looking for an American actor to play
Ralph Touchett in a six-hour television production of Henry James’s
novel The Portrait of a Lady. I quickly read the book (as quickly
as you can read a thousand pages of James’s brilliant complex
writing) and loved both the story and the tragic character of Ralph.
I signed on for what was to be a wonderfully intense learning
experience. Working with James Cellan Jones, our superb
director, and the excellent cast taught me more in a short
time than I might have learned in formal training at one
of England’s famous acting schools.”  Shattered Love

For details, pictures and articles, as well as the video, click 

If you would like to participate in a daily quiz,
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For full-sized photo
go to the Photo Gallery.


It has been announced that Richard Chamberlain is featured
in a documentary about Cannon films,
“Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films”.
Cannon films was a short-lived yet prolific independent
 studio that produced 120 films from 1979 to 1989. 
“King Solomon’s Mines” and “Allan Quatermain and The Lost,
City of Gold” in which Richard starred in 1985 were among
these films. The documentary, directed by Australian filmmaker
Mark Hartley, is expected to premiere at the Melbourne
International Film Festival next July.




Richard Chamberlain will perform at “S.T.A.G.E. Goes To The Movies”,
May 10 2014, 8:00 pm, at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.

S.T.A.G.E. (Southland Theatre Artists Goodwill Event)
was created 30 years ago and is thus the longest running
musical theatre AIDS benefit event in the United States.
It is an all singing and all dancing event featuring the
finest Hollywood talent. It will be directed by David Galligan,
hosted by Robert Osborne and its musical director will be
John McDaniel. This one-night only performance will focus
on film’s musical legacy.

For more details, donations and tickets,


The Facebook page of this website has reached

3000 "likes"!

These likes bear witness of the visitors' admiration for
Richard Chamberlain as an actor and beyond as the title
of this website reads. A “Father Ralph” collage has been
created to celebrate this record for your enjoyment!



 Dr. Kildare, the complete 2nd Season,  

now available internationally!

Trailer of "Good Luck Charm", 
an episode guest-starring Gloria Swanson.


Warner Archives released Dr. Kildare Season 2.  
Those who live in the United States can order Season 2 
(9 DVDs in 2 boxes) directly at Warner. For international orders,
visit (DVDs are region free). 


Roundtable discussion hosted by Warner Archive Collection 
George Feltenstein about, i.a., Dr. Kildare, season 2, 
its historical context and other aspects of the show. 

 Season 2, January 28, 2014 





To listen to Richard Chamberlain's

presentation of Dr. Carolyn Conger's new book
"Through the Dark Forest: Transforming your Life in the Face of Death"
(January 18, 2014)

to read his short review and for more details, click here 

This slideshow features Dr. Kildare’s musical
theme sung by Richard Chamberlain and photos 
taken during a filmed recording of the song to 
promote the series. A rare document! 






The year marking the 30th anniversary of “The Thorn Birds”
is over. This Webbiography continues nonetheless to feature
three pages commemorating this event with photos,
texts and slideshows.

Richard Chamberlain, who also wished to be associated
with the anniversary, autographed this Father Ralph
photo for all the visitors to this site!

 "The Thorn Birds Special 30 Years", here


Do you like humor? 
The Webbiography offers its visitors a slideshow
“Having Fun, Making Fun” featuring a playful, witty
facetious and entertaining Richard Chamberlain, 
both as an actor as well as as himself.  



This Webbiography has created a slideshow
featuring Richard Chamberlain's latest book 

"My Life in Haiku"

Also on YouTube here 

more on the book here


                    First Exclusive Interview                    

On September 7, 2011 Richard Chamberlain granted an exclusive interview 

to this "Richard Chamberlain Webbiography". He talked about 

his career, his singing, his artwork and his writing,

and peppered his comments with several anecdotes, 

some hitherto unpublished.   


Reactions to or comments on the interview can be posted 

on the "Richard Chamberlain Webbiography" Facebook account. 


 1. Richard Chamberlain talks about his two
recent high tech and science fiction projects
                                       'Chuck' and 'Leverage' 



2. Richard Chamberlain underlines the
importance of all kinds of 'masks' for 
 an actor: in the 'Man in the Iron Mask'
the iron mask was totally terrifying!


3. Richard Chamberlain reminisces about
'Shogun': 'Shogun' was a wonderful experience,
I was not about to screw it up despite
cultural clashes between the Japanese
and American crew.

4. Richard Chamberlain on 'The Thorn Birds':
chemistry is impossible to define.


5. Richard Chamberlain commends the series
'Brothers & Sisters' for treating gay characters
just like people.


6. Richard Chamberlain: in all my projects
I learn about myself, in comedy I learn
a little more.

7.  Richard Chamberlain about his artwork: 
sometimes my paintings have a certain meaning
like 'Celestial Ardor' that expresses total
commitment of oneself to life.
For a man
 total commitment to life
is in part phallic.


Recent Projects including appearances at premieres

Brothers & Sisters

 Never Say Never

The One That Got Away

Thanks for the Memories

Cold Turkey

  Walker Down The Aisle



We are the Hartmans

Screenings tour, here

more  here

 Interview and review,  here




The Last Dam Job


Three Days

For details on screenings, here


The Perfect Family

Festival screenings and theatre release


  Richard Chamberlain at the

Tribeca Film Festival

Videos, interview, photos 
and much mor
e,  here


The Heiress




The Exorcist