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 "The Thorn Birds" were released in 2004
   on a DVD that features interviews with
the cast and producers. Richard Chamberlain  returned to Kaui, to Ke'e beach where the    Matlock Island beach scenes were filmed,
   and shared some of his best memories
                about the miniseries.   


















Video clip with Rachel Ward reminiscing about the making of the miniseries! 




















































































































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Thirty years after its premiere, “The Thorn Birds”
continues to fascinate and captivate audiences,
Karen Knight writes why. 

“Rarely does a love story become so beloved and
adored by so many, as if once seen it becomes
intrinsically seared into the very depth of our
being; a film that is overwhelmingly mesmerising
and one that will live in our hearts and minds forever.

This can be said about The Thorn Birds, the story
of two people who, from the very moment they
gaze into each other’s eyes, know beyond all
doubt that they have found their soul mate,
they find a home in each other’s hearts, their
spirits entwine, they know, quite simply, they
will love one another for ever. That one is a
pretty young girl of just ten years old and
the other a beautiful young priest, lends a
subtle poignancy and captures our imagination
from the start.

The complexity of this highly emotive and
heart-breaking tale is that theirs is a love,
forbidden and strewn with obstacles; any thought
of a life together, forever, seems impossible,
unattainable, their problems insurmountable.
It spoke to our romantic souls and made us want
to know their story. We were addicted.

Richard and Rachel made this the success it was.
They had the most phenomenal chemistry together,
it was superbly electric! Two sensational actors
with incredible talent and the ability to bring to life
the simmering sensuality, intense emotion,
deeply romantic and passionate true love between
their characters in the most believable way,
bringing Ralph and Meggie alive to us and ensuring
that they will live in our hearts forever.

We watch their love for each other grow and
develop through the years until it reaches a
metamorphosis as Meggie grows into a beautiful
young woman and Ralph is mesmerised, finding
himself head over heels in love with her, which
puts his poor heart and soul in torment. He is
torn three ways, all of his loves completely
incompatible as he is fascinated by the splendour,
ritual and power of the Church and dominated
by his ambition; he has a true vocation and
love of God, but he is also overwhelmed by
his deeply passionate and burning love for Meggie.

Meggie’s choice was simple, she loved Ralph with
all her heart and soul, her love was pure and true,
unselfish and constant. She knew deep in her
heart that she could never have him, that she
would always have to share him with God
and this was why she made the decision never to
tell him about his son, Dane, because she knew
it would destroy his standing in the Church,
that if he knew, his ambitions would all crumble
to dust. She may have been selfish in keeping
her secret, but this was the only part of Ralph
she could keep for herself, her motives were good,
this way they could both be happy and get fullfilment
out of life, they were a manifestation of unconditional
love for Ralph, because she knew him so well
and was desperate not to destroy his dreams.

 The magnificent talent of Richard Chamberlain in
his role as Father Ralph de Bricassart and
Rachel Ward as Meggie, took this exquisitely
complicated and heart-breaking love story
and brought it to life in the most breath-taking
way, ensuring that it will take its place on our
screens and in our hearts as one of the most
magnificent TV mini-series ever made,
it is quite simply, unforgettable!”





The Thorn Birds, Special 30 Years

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