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It was in the logic of things that Richard Chamberlain would sing.
In the early 60s, he attended with assiduity singing lessons by
 Caroline Trojanowsky at the Los Angeles 
Conservatory of Music
to work on his voice and be fully prepared to perform
in a film, a play or a musical. 

In 1962 in his first venture into singing, Richard Chamberlain made a record, a single, 
with a song that was the theme of Dr. Kildare, "Three Stars Will Shine Tonight" 
(Jerry Goldsmith, Pete Rugolo), that was soon to be followed by an album called 
"Richard Chamberlain Sings" (1962).  Both records were a huge success. 
Richard Chamberlain sang in three Dr. Kildare episodes, "Love is a Sad Song" 
(1993), "Rome Will Never Leave You" (1964) and "Music Hath Charms" (1965). 
During the "Dr. Kildare" days, he filmed  "Joy in the Morning" 
and sang the title tune. His second album was precisely 
called "Joy in the Morning" (1964). Other singles followed. 

After "Dr. Kildare" ended, Richard Chamberlain enthusiastically embarked
on the musical "
Breakfast at Tiffany's", but the ill-fated production with tryouts
in Philadelphia and Boston, and only three previews in Broadway, was canceled
by the producer. In 1967, Richard Chamberlain played the role of Toni in a
summer stock production of the musical "Westside Story" with performances
in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Long Island. 

As far as films and movies are concerned, Richard Chamberlain was cast in 1976
in a musical film, "The Slipper and The Rose", in which he sang solo and in duo
with Gemma Craven. His next singing project on the screen materialized much later;  
in 2000, he sang two songs in an episode of the series "Touched by an Angel"
("The Face on the Barroom Floor"), "Just in Time" and "The Queens Navy".  

              It has to be noted though that Richard Chamberlain's singing has been mainly
performed on stage; in the winter of 1972/73 he was "El Gallo" in "The Fantasticks"
and in 1978 and 1980, in New York and in Los Angeles respectively,
he played Wild Bill Hickok in "Fathers and Sons" that featured songs in
the Brecht-Weill tradition. Years later he was the lead in five major musicals: 
"My Fair Lady" (1993-1996), "The Sound of Music"
(1998-2000), "Scrooge"  (2004-2005), "The King and I" (2006) 
and "Monty Python's Spamalot" (2009). 

Richard Chamberlain sang on several television shows and award ceremonies.  
Recorded versions of some of them are available and can be watched
on the corresponding pages of this Webbiography: "Arthur Freed’s Hollywood Melody, 
A Salute to Hollywood Musicals" (1962),
 "The Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall" (1965), 
"The Andy Williams Show" (1965), 
"The Red Skelton Comedy Hour" (1967),
 "Musical Comedy Tonight" (1979), "The 35th Annual Tony Awards" (1981),
"Christmas Concert" Finnish Television (1992),
"The Peter Alexander Show" (Vienna, 1994)
and "Capitol Fourth" (2002).

Other singing appearances are not available such as
"The Carol Burnett Show" (1967). 
This list does not pretend to be exhaustive. 

In 1989, a CD was released with the original cast recording of the musical"Carnival".
It also featured the hitherto unreleased Richard Chamberlain's 
"Love Makes the World Go Round" recorded for his audition 
for MGM Records in 1962. 

The CD "Ben Bagley's Irving Berlin Revisited" (1990) featured four songs interpreted by
Richard Chamberlain, "Lonely Heart", "Only Fools Fall in Love", "How's Chances"
and "I'm Getting Tired So I can Sleep".  

In 2001, a CD with "The Slipper and The Rose" film score was released, including
the five tunes sung by Richard Chamberlain in the film.   

These CDs can be found on 

This unique video, salvaged from a 16 mm. film reel,
features Dr. Kildare’s theme music 
sang by
Richard Chamberlain under the title "Three Stars Will Shine Tonight".
Thank you, Jacque!


A Kiss to Build a Dream On



  Hi-Lili, Hi-lo                     All I Have To Do Is Dream                  I Will Love You  

   Three Stars Will Shine Tonight                        True Love                                                Love Me Tender                     

            All  I Do Is Dream of You                  A Quiet Kind of Love             It's A Lonesome Old Town               


                                                    I Hadn't Anyone Till You                   I'll Be Around                                                         



They Long To Be Close To You                                        Blue Guitar                  


Joy In The Morning                                Georgia                         Rome Will Never Leave You

     A Fellow Needs A Girl                           Dear Heart                             Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte

I Can Dream Can't I                              Stella By Starlight                                Try To Remember

                April Love                            You Always Hurt The One You Love

In this record from Germany (1994), 
Richard Chamberlain sang several love songs,
such as "True Love" and "Love Me Tender".
The record also featured various
Richard Chamberlain's best film
and television melodies. 


The Slipper and The Rose

In 2001, the film's score was released on a CD, featuring
Richard Chamberlain in the following tunes:

Why I Can't be Two People 

Video clip here

What a Comforting Thing to Know 

Video clip here


A Bride-Finding Ball 

 Video clip here

Secret Kingdom 

Video clip here

She Danced with Me 

Video clip here


 Lonely Heart

click here

Only Fools Fall in Love

click here

How's Chances

 click here

I'm Getting Tired So I Can Sleep

lick here

Love Makes The World Go Round

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 Love Makes The World Go Round


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